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Now you can get advice from a qualified Ayurvedic doctor!

You will receive recommendations that will significantly help you improve your health. These are recommendations regarding nutrition, the daily regime, load, suitable medicinal herbs and much more. It is important that the recommendations are prepared individually for you – only in this case they are effective.

What does the Ayurvedic doctor's consultation?

It is no secret that modern Western medicine is aimed at treating the symptoms of the ailment, leaving almost no regard for its cause. In some cases, such treatment is effective and necessary, but often symptoms return again and again, as well as new ones appear. Sometimes treatment turns out to be completely ineffective, but, despite this, expensive.

At the same time, traditional oriental medicine uses a completely different approach. People in the East know that the cause of ailments is the disruption of the natural functioning of the body and ignoring their individual nature. Teaching the patient to take into account this nature, as well as choosing natural medicines suitable for it, the Ayurvedic doctor helps him gently restore health without great costs and side effects.

As a rule, Ayurvedic doctors study no less than modern Western doctors, and sometimes more. After all, in addition to knowing anatomy, ailments, symptoms and remedies, they must also learn to determine the nature of the patient. This is a key difference between ayurvedic medicine and symptomatic western medicine, which makes the same appointments regardless of human body peculiarities.

Ayurvedic doctor will find keys to physical, mental and emotional health for you!

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