• Premium Quality Natural Saffron From Kashmir

    Pure and Authentic Kashmiri Saffron or Kesar
    Add Planet Spices Kashmiri Saffron in your Recipes for an Authentic Flavour
    & Aroma.

    Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice. It adds a very unique colour,
    flavour and aroma in the food which is not expressable in just words.

    There are 3 main varities of Saffron all over the world.
    1) Kashmiri Saffron.
    2) Persian Saffron.
    3) Spanish Saffron.

    Among these three varities of Saffron – Kashmiri Saffron or Kashmiri Kesar
    is the most superior one because it grown at very high altitutude in
    Himalayan mountains & valleys of Beautiful Kashmir. Kashmir is known
    as the Heaven of the world. Saffron is so much expensive because the
    stigma’s of saffron flower is used a spice which is very less in weight
    and it’s collect by hand.

    Form: Whole
    Colour: Saffron.
    Place of Origin: Kashmir, India.

    Friendly Recommendation:
    We recommend you to Order atleast 1 g quantity as you will get more
    quantity & discount.

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    1) Pure, Authentic and Natural products free from contaminations.
    2) Hygenically stored, processed and packed.
    3) Free International Shipping on all Orders.
    4) Resoanable prices and superb quality.
    5) We have all the required documents & certificates – So, hassle-free transaction.
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    What Makes Saffron the Most Expensive Spice in the World?

    The first time I ever saw a saffron field, was in the autumn of 1987. It was a moonlit night and I was being driven back to Srinagar from Pahalgam.
    I had finished the last of my slide film in Pahalgam, and I sat back in the ageing Ambassador, smug that I had done a good day’s work. Little did I
    guess that the sight that was to unfold 70 kilometres away would leave me stupefied with amazement. There was an unending carpet of pale mauve
    flowers, every detail etched sharply in the moonlight. But the miracle was that the carpet stretched on as far as the eye could stretch: uphill, down
    dale, tumbling over hillsides and contours of the plateau for which Pampore was so famous. Those days, there were no cell phones and certainly
    no smartphones, so the best I could do was to store the image in my mind’s eye, where it remains firmly lodged to this day.Saffron is a spice as
    well as a colour. It also is a near magical substance, being the stuff of myths of several countries. There is one plausible reason for it: saffron has
    been known for at least 3,000 years (and perhaps much longer), but saffron does not reproduce on its own – unlike most other plants, it needs
    human intervention to be grown. Given that saffron was probably first grown in what is now Iraq, it means that humans have ensured that it has
    spread to Abruzzo in Italy, La Mancha in Spain, Pampore in Kashmir and, most importantly, a wide swathe around the city of Mashad in Iran.Today,
    while the giant’s share of the world’s saffron crop comes from Iran, one-tenth originates in Kashmir and the rest come from Greece, Italy, and even
    Afghanistan as a United Nations measure to help impoverished farmers with a viable alternative to poppy cultivation. Tiny boutique crops also come
    from New Zealand, Argentina and, believe it or not, Switzerland, where gentlemen farmers want the cachet of calling themselves saffron growers,
    but don’t have the manpower to spend back-breaking hours at dawn, during the plucking season, bending six inches from the ground to pick flowers.
    It is the reason why Spain’s famed La Mancha crop of saffron has been dwindling year after year: European Union minimum wages price Spanish
    saffron right out of the market.Also read: (6 Local Markets You Must Visit in India if You Love Food)


    How to Distinguish Real Saffron?

    Because it is such painstaking work to obtain one kilo of saffron, the trade is usually rife with substances that closely resemble the real thing. It is
    only a fair degree of expertise that can distinguish between the two. Sanjay Raina, a caterer of fine Kashmiri food, points out that while real
    saffron must have a sweet smell, it must never actually taste sweet. Drop a few strands in water, and while both the real and the fake will leach
    their colour into the water, the real saffron will remain crimson, while the pretender will turn white.Harpreet Singh Chhabra of Baby Saffron, one
    of the most reliable brands in the world, cautions against buying a few strands in a plastic box without a brand name, address or telephone number
    from a person you don’t know. His logic is that when the seller is an identifiable entity, it becomes less easy to indulge in malpractices. Chhabra, of
    course, can tell good quality saffron from poor quality; real saffron from fake and this year’s crop from old saffron that is past its sell-by date.
    Apparently, it is not uncommon to mix fake and real saffron together. It is also not unheard of to keep saffron strands more moist than they
    should be, because water makes them heavy!


    Overseas Marketing office, Vitebsk, BELARUS
    Director KUMAR SANDEEP
    Located in BELARUS.

    Corporate Office : DEVI EXPORTS
    Subash Nagar, New Delhi, India
    Manufacturing Unt : Kashmir Field and Packed in Devi Village , Punjab

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    Devi Cosmetic is a division of Devi Exports Group in India. Here , we believe that good health should be accessible to
    everyone and we strive to make this possible through our commitment to science driven technology. Devi Exports Group
    began its illustrious journey around three decades ago with the start of its first venture Devi Pharmaceuticals . It
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  • Liv.52, For Liver Treatment, 100 tabs, Himalaya

    Liv.52 manufactured by Himalaya is ideal to specifically treat liver abnormalities. Being the body’s largest vital organ dysfunction of the liver impacts an individual’s overall health and well-being and often has debilitating effects impacting longevity. Therefore a healthy liver means a healthy body and Liv.52 optimises liver function boosting the production of haemoglobin to restore the body’s physical and mental equilibrium.

  • Protein Hair Conditioner, 100 g, Patanjali

    Hair conditioner Protein – conditioner with pronounced nutritional properties intensively cares for dry and damaged hair. Thanks to its rich natural composition, which includes aloe juice, soy protein, almond and wheat germ oils, as well as chickpea and bringaraja tree extracts, the product intensively restores and strengthens the hair structure, makes it elastic, soft and manageable, facilitates combing, helps restore their normal growth and protects against adverse environmental effects.

  • Vilwadi Leham, 200 g, Kottakkal Ayurveda

    Vilwadi Leham – jam based on vegetable ingredients, designed to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and is also useful for General exhaustion of the body. Reduces the intensity and frequency of asthmatic attacks. It belongs to the tradition of Kerala medicine.

    It is a reliable remedy for stomach-related complaints, such as continuous vomiting, digestive disorders, loss of appetite, tastelessness, dyspeptic disorders, anorexia, excessive salivation, increased acidity, heartburn, diarrhea.

  • Lohasinduram 101, 30 caps, Kottakkal Ayurveda

    Lohasinduram– a drug, which eliminates the deficiency of iron in the body. The product contains specially purified iron for maximum easy absorption by the body. As a result of its use, the symptoms of ailments associated with a lack of this trace element recede. Increases the body’s endurance, improves the skin structure, strengthens memory, intelligence, normalizes the digestive ability and acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Does not cause constipation, as many other means with iron content. Prevents the development of diabetes.

  • Talisapatradi Vatakam, 100 g, Kottakkal Ayurveda

    Talisapatradi Vatakam is a natural Ayurvedic remedy for the treatment of digestive and respiratory diseases. Restores the balance of all three doshas.

    The drug has a stimulating effect on the digestive system and respiratory system. Removes toxins from the body, excess AMA, activates intestinal peristalsis. It helps to normalize appetite and improves the efficiency of absorption of nutrients from food, neutralizes the symptoms of indigestion. Reduces the risk of malignant neoplasms in the gastrointestinal tract

  • Alsarex, Antacid And Anti-Ulcer Tablets, 40 tabs, Charak

    Alsarex is a natural gastro-protective antacid that reduces the level of stomach acidity. It acts gently and provides a long-lasting therapeutic effect. Moreover, the drug helps to reduce weight, normalizes the metabolism and work of the gastrointestinal tract in a whole, and is effective in peptic ulcer disease.

    In combination with a decrease in acid secretion, the drug increases the protection of the gastric mucosa and shows excellent results in preventing erosion. It suppresses the pathogenic activity of helicobacteria-a dangerous microorganism that leads to peptic ulcer disease. As a result, cheggi prevents re-entry.

  • Divya Churna, 100 g, Patanjali

    Divya Churna is an Ayurvedic, age-proven remedy that helps improve digestion. It consists of a combination of the most effective natural components for this purpose, which helps to free the digestive system from harmful substances and toxins.

    Having a mild laxative effect, the drug stimulates intestinal peristalsis, safely and painlessly contributes to its natural emptying. It solves problems such as constipation, heartburn and other various gastrointestinal disorders. Divya Churna is not only a laxative, but also an effective means of rejuvenating the digestive system.

  • Gashar Churna, 100 g, Patanjali

    Gashar Churna is an Ayurvedic drug designed to normalize the gastrointestinal tract and stimulate digestive function. It helps to increase the secretion of enzymes involved in the breakdown of food and ensure the absorption of nutrients in the intestinal walls.

    A specially selected blend of medicinal Ayurvedic herbs, whose action is aimed at removing toxins and toxins from the body, also provides rapid neutralization of symptoms of increased stomach acidity, heartburn, preventing the occurrence of reflux.

  • Divya Sukhda Vati, 120 tabs, Patanjali

    Divya Sukhda Vati – a drug designed to cleanse the body of toxic food poisoning products. Since this type of poisoning disrupts the balance of Pitta dosha, the action of this remedy is aimed at normalizing its balance. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, carminative, diuretic and laxative effects, effectively relieves stomach cramps and nausea.

    To accelerate the therapeutic effect when taking the drug in parallel, you must also adhere to a diet: on the first day of poisoning, refuse food and take only drink. Fasting in this case will only benefit, at least for the first day.

  • Chitrakadi Vati, 60 tabs, Patanjali

    Chitrakadi Vati – a drug that will help solve any problems associated with digestion. This all-natural remedy will help you forget about both small and serious troubles associated with the work of the gastrointestinal tract. After all, it is good digestion that positively affects both our mood and productivity.

    Unfortunately, the poor quality of the foods we eat, the widespread use of chemicals, and poor ecology often lead to stomach and esophageal problems: heaviness, bloating, colitis, gas, indigestion, and frequent stools.

  • Nityam Churna, Natural Laxative, 50 g, Zandu

    Nityam Churna is a mild natural laxative. The difference between this remedy and many other drugs of this purpose is that it, in addition to relaxing, has a therapeutic effect. This is provided by the medicinal herbs included in its composition. With difficult digestion, painful constipation, this drug will gently and effectively solve these problems.

    Constipation is not such a minor problem as it may seem at first glance. They can cause the accumulation of toxins in the body, as well as microcracks in the intestines.

  • Hingvati, 60 tabs, Gomata Products

    Hingvati is an amazing tool with amazing healing properties. It perfectly stimulates the digestive system, increases the production of enzymes for better digestion of food. It helps to normalize appetite, eliminates intestinal disorders, and also serves as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent against helminths.

    Traditionally used to support all functions of the gastrointestinal tract, which in our body is the “conductor” of health or disease. This product consists of completely natural ingredients: herbs, including the famous ajwan, the most valuable resin asafetida, evaporated cow urine.

  • Sat Isabgol, 100 g, Sidhpur

    Sat Isabgol is a natural laxative, an effective regulator of the functions of the intestines and the entire digestive tract. It has an ultra-soft effect. The product facilitates the promotion of intestinal masses, stimulating peristalsis and ensuring regular and healthy laxative.

    The advantage of the drug is that it is made only from natural environmentally friendly natural materials obtained by processing the seeds of a special type of plantain – Asian. This subspecies of the plant grows only in local areas of India and the Middle East, is actively used by local residents for medicinal purposes since ancient times.

  • Castor Oil, 50 ml, Goodcare (Baidyanath)

    Castor oil is a popular natural remedy that is widely used for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Even in the Soviet years, castor oil, imported from India, significantly improved in quality compared to domestic. And now it is almost always added vaseline or other additives that are harmful to the body when consumed inside. Good Keir oil does not have this disadvantage.

  • Herbolax, For Intestinal Cleansing, 100 tabs, Himalaya

    Herbolax manufactured by Himalaya is a potent natural remedy to treat intestinal disorders. Its unique herbal formula is a gentle laxative and stimulates intestinal peristalsis to boost the entire digestive process.

    Herbolax ensures movement is normal and natural and maintains intestinal hydration to stabilise the water-electrolyte balance of the stomach and intestines.

  • Pudin Hara, From Abdominal Pain, 30 ml, Dabur

    Pudin Hara is a popular remedy in India, which is a mixture of spicy, mint oils. It almost instantly relieves stomach discomfort, heartburn, bloating and other digestive disorders. It is worth noting that such symptoms are very common, especially with an unbalanced diet, a quick snack, etc.

    The drug also effectively copes with intestinal infections and restores healthy microflora of the stomach and intestines.

  • Divya Udramrit Vati, 80 tabs, Patanjali

    Divya Udramrit Vati is an Ayurvedic medicine that is famous for its ability to treat various diseases of the abdominal cavity, maintain a normal weight, eliminate high acidity, promote good digestion and the most complete absorption of nutrients.

    The product can not only normalize digestion, but also reduce the risk of infections and pathological gastrointestinal microflora. The drug stimulates intestinal peristalsis, prevents colic caused by spasms of the small or large intestine, and eliminates heartburn.

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