• Shadbindu Tail, 25 ml, Dabur

    Shadbindu Tail means ‘six drops of oil’ in Hindi and is a powerful herbal treatment for ear-throat-nose ailments. Shadbindu Tail is used in the ancient Ayurvedic procedure of ‘nasya’ that involves the intake of healing herbs directly into the nasal cavity to cleanse the maxillary nasal passages healing sinusitis bronchitis and other respiratory ailments.

    Shadbindu Tail eliminates excessive mucous reduces inflammation and heals ailments associated with congestion of the upper respiratory tract such as headaches that occur from reduced oxygen to the brain.

  • Rheumatil Gel, 30 g, Dabur

    Rheumatil gel is a highly effective Ayurvedic ointment that contains Mahanarayana oil and other potent medicinal herbs to treat joint pain caused by excessive inflammation and swelling. Rheumatil gel is a powerful pain killing remedy that heals connective tissue and cartilage of the joint regions by its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Rich in vitamins A E and D3 Rheumatil gel acts on cellular metabolism to strengthen cell membranes and thus eliminate harmful calcium salts that cause osteophyte (bone calcification) buildup in the joints leading to inflammation and subsequent pain.

  • Prandhara, 3 ml, Maharishi Ayrveda

    Prandhara made by Maharishi Ayurveda is a powerful herbal formulation that has immense medicinal properties. Prandhara is a preventative remedy that heals diseases at their source rather than merely treating the symptoms of disease.

    Prandhara heals ailments of the upper-respiratory tract and relieves the pain of headaches and intestinal disorders quickly. Prandhara prevents excessive cough and gives rapid relief from nausea.

  • Divya Medha Vati, 120 tabs, Patanjali

    Medha Vati is a highly effective medicinal preparation consisting of selected herbs and minerals to aid cognitive function and improve cellular nutrition in the brain. Medha Vati is therefore ideal to boost memory improve concentration and heal symptoms of anxiety and depression. Medha Vati effectively increases the production of dopamine known as the ‘happy hormone’ and is thus invaluable to aid in the healing of irritability mood swings and other neuroses. Medha Vati restores internal balance and creates a spiritual calmness in anyone experiencing feelings of despair and lethargy.

  • Anu Tail Nasal Drops, 60 ml, Vyas

    Anu Tail is a potent sesame oil-based preparation with 24 additional medicinal herbs. Anu Tail is effective to treat ailments of the body’s biological gateways the ear throat and nose.

    Anu Tail heals and prevents the onset of diseases such as rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose) sinusitis (inflammation of the sinus) loss of hearing and tinnitus (persistent ringing in the ears) and even loss of the sense of smell. Anu Tail is used in the ancient Ayurvedic practice of nasya which forms part of the panchakarma cleansing schedule of the entire body.

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