• Artholin, 60 ml, Vyas

    Artholin joint oil is a liquid ointment created according to ancient Ayurvedic recipes based on the best anti-rheumatic oils that help with bruises, arthritis, paralysis, spondyloarthritis, sprains, injuries, paralysis and back pain. Strengthens bones and muscles. The product also has a positive effect on the skin condition, intensively moisturizes it, gives it softness and smoothness.

    Relieves painful manifestations of Vata imbalance, which are expressed in muscle spasms, convulsions and weather dependence.

  • Sumenta, Sedative, 30 tabs, Charak

    Sumenta tablets are a completely natural herbal formulation that strengthen the nervous system and aid the healing of mental and emotional stress. Sumenta is ideal to balance one’s cognitive state in times of excessive anxiety caused by life’s unexpected events that often lead to irrational fears irritability insomnia and feelings of despair and depression.

    Sumenta stabilizes one’s mood during times of emotional upheaval and changing circumstances such as loss of job security moving to a new locale and other unexpected events giving one self confidence to harmonise one’s state of mind during such difficult periods of one’s life.

  • Shirahshuladiwajra Ras, Headache Remedy, 40 tabs, Baidyanath

    Shirahshuladiwajra Ras is a potent Ayurvedic tonic to slow the inevitable effects of ageing. It boosts cognition and the thought process and is ideal for those engaged in intensive intellectual occupations such as managerial roles where important decisions need to be made or in educational situations when intense concentration is required.

    Shirahshuladiwajra Ras not only positively stimulates brain function by boosting blood circulation of the cranium but also has a calmative effect on the entire nervous system and aids the healing of headaches and chronic migraines dizziness neuroses such as hyperactivity and even ear nose and throat ailments.

  • Shallaki, 60 tabs, Himalaya

    Shallaki by Himalaya is a natural resinous substance extracted from the Indian olibanum tree also known as Indian frankincense that is found in the Himalayan region of India.

    Shallaki has powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and is used in Ayurvedic medicine to ease the pain associated with joint abnormalities such as inflammation and poor circulation. Shallaki strengthens joint tissue and cartilage to restore mobility to the region.

  • Yograj Guggulu, 120 tabs, Baidyanath

    Yograj Guggulu is an Ayurvedic formula containing over 30 different plants and minerals. Traditionally it is used for the treatment of musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders.

    Yograj Guggulu boosts immunity and is a tonic ideal for the prevention of disease. Further it heals many ailments of the nervous system including neuritis sciatica epilepsy and atherosclerosis. It also acts on the gastrointestinal tract healing many disorders including gastritis colitis and pancreatitis.

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